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Forever 21? Lord I hope not

My 14 year old cousin is visiting from the east coast for the week, and the women in my family (my mom, sister, two aunts, cousin, and me) spent Wednesday shopping in downtown T.O. My cousin wanted to shop at … Continue reading

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Deliver the fresh produce unto me. Maybe.

I’ve been contemplating trying out a local fresh food delivery service. I’m a big fan of the farmer’s market, and there’s a weekly market right by home. It’s on Sundays, though, and I find the time not the most¬†convenient. I’ve … Continue reading

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Savings Recap for July 2011

Our piggy bank reached capacity this weekend. I spread out a towel on my bed, put on an episode of Deadwood, and counted and rolled away. There is something soothing about neat little piles of change. We saved a total … Continue reading

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Home Improvement(s): Part II

In my last post I mentioned that my decluttering spree has brought on thoughts of other home improvements. What makes this possible is the retroactive pay I will be receiving come September, which by my calculations will be around $12,000 … Continue reading

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Screw you, Zara tag!

One of the items I purchased during my ¬†birthday spending blitz was a green blouse from Zara for $50. This is on the more expensive end of shirts I am willing to buy, but it was really cute and I … Continue reading

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Show me the honey: The Scanning Code of Practice

While shopping at the Metro last week, I decided to pick up some honey. Normally I buy the stuff from the natural food store, but I planned on doing some granola baking (honey is a must have when working with … Continue reading

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Birthday shopping

Apologies for the lack of posts, it was my birthday this past weekend and I had lots of activities and events to attend to. It was a pretty great couple of days. And, to be honest, I just haven’t really … Continue reading

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