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Seeing Stars

I’m talking about Stars, the Canadian band, not the balls of gas in the sky. They’re playing for free at Yonge and Dundas Square tonight as part of NXNE. My friend very nicely informed me of the concert (thanks Rob!), … Continue reading

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Grocery shopping in Liberty Village versus Nunavut

We go through a lot of milk in our little household. BF drinks one or two tall glasses of it every day, and we put it in our coffee/tea/smoothies. I’d estimate that we buy two 4L bags per week. Milk’s … Continue reading

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The ethics of using a student ID to get discounts (when you aren’t a student)

I was reading through the money section in the June issue of Real Simple and I came across a short article on the ethics of using a student ID to access discounts when you are not a student. The article … Continue reading

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The collapse of a closet

I was going to do a post on what it’s like to share just under 600 square feet of living space with a boy, along with a little breakdown of our shared finances. I planned on including a picture of … Continue reading

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The complicated etiquette around gifting and weddings

Later this month I am attending two weddings. These weddings are for friends who I used to be very close with. I would still consider us “good friends”, but I haven’t seen much of either friend because of distance or … Continue reading

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Overtime and my messy office

A big part of my job is managing the admissions process for a super competitive university program. We get over 1,000 applications for 80ish spots. Sometimes I call myself a dream crusher. One of the perks of this process is … Continue reading

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Taking the plunge with web hosting

Last night I set up a “Hatchling” web hosting account over at HostGator. I had been thinking about moving over to and after receiving some feedback from a fellow blogger and friends, I decided I should do it sooner than later. … Continue reading

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