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Home Improvement(s): Part II

In my last post I mentioned that my decluttering spree has brought on thoughts of other home improvements. What makes this possible is the retroactive pay I will be receiving come September, which by my calculations will be around $12,000 … Continue reading

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Home Improvement(s)

I went on a massive decluttering/cleaning spree this weekend. I conducted a massive reorganization in the kitchen, which included clearing the counter of papers, relocating some containers/kettle/butter dish into the cupboard. I also moved some food items (dry beans, nuts, … Continue reading

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A fixed closet: budget breakdown

The closet is finally fixed! For those of you who haven’t read the previous posts on this chaos, the hanging section of the closet broke two weeks ago and we tried to fix it (twice) last weekend. It took my … Continue reading

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The closet crisis, part II

Our broken closet is kicking my butt, both financially and psychologically. My parents came on Saturday to help fix it, which turned into my dad taking over and fixing it himself. My dad spent the entire time telling me that … Continue reading

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The art of sharing finances

BF and I moved in together in August 2010. Technically, he moved into my condo. I like to think of it as our place now (and I’m sure he does too), but the reality is if we broke up, this … Continue reading

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The collapse of a closet

I was going to do a post on what it’s like to share just under 600 square feet of living space with a boy, along with a little breakdown of our shared finances. I planned on including a picture of … Continue reading

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Crying over my interest rate differential fee

Today I went to TD Bank with the BF to discuss some investments and account choices. Most of the decisions had to do with the BF’s accounts, so I’m not going to get into specifics for his stuff. I did, … Continue reading

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