Karma, baby

Last week I found an unused transit pass worth $60 at the corner of University and Dundas. For those of you not familiar with Toronto, this is a major intersection, including a subway entrance and streetcar stops going east and west. There was no way I was finding the person who lost the pass, it was literally on the ground, almost on the street. I felt bad for the sucker who lost the pass, but really, am I going to leave $60 lying on the ground, ready to be picked up by the garbage people and thrown out? Nope. I picked it up, did some googling, and figured out that I could return the pass for a refund minus an administration fee.

I left work last night and got on my bike to ride home. Something felt horribly wrong with my bike, and I knew what the problem was before I even looked – flat tire. Beyond flat. The tire was off the rim. I walked it to a nearby bike store and crossed my fingers that they would be able to fix it quick so I could still ride home (and not have to leave my bike there and walk to work the next morning). The good news was that they were able to fix it pronto. The bad news was that the tire was worn right out and I needed a new tire on top of fixing the flat.

The new tire plus the repair cost $62. When I finally arrived home, a $50 cheque was in the mail from the transit people. So, I’m out $12.

Karma. I must be doing something right if I got the fifty bucks in the first place, right? Either that or I’m incredibly lucky. At least I have a brand new winter ready tire on my bike! Here’s hoping the front tire doesn’t go anytime soon.

My bike at the park
My bike at the park.

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4 Responses to Karma, baby

  1. rob says:

    that’s almost even steven.

  2. Wow, that’s great! It’s cool how life works like that eh? hope the good karma keeps rolling around 🙂

  3. ShoeGal says:

    Thats awesome. Free money is my favorite. And good for you to riding your bike everywhere. I am not from TO but have been there many times and am familiar with the area, I would be much to nervous about biking there.

    • Obsessive Compulsive Daniela says:

      It’s not so bad once you actually try it, especially if you stick to side roads! Although that’s not always possible.

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