Forever 21? Lord I hope not

My 14 year old cousin is visiting from the east coast for the week, and the women in my family (my mom, sister, two aunts, cousin, and me) spent Wednesday shopping in downtown T.O. My cousin wanted to shop at some different stores, so we took her to a bunch of vintage spots on Ossington, then along West Queen West for some boutique action. We eventually ended up closer to Spadina, where the more mainstream retailers are located. We didn’t have too much time here, though, as we had 6PM dinner reservations to make.

Despite how much I loathe the Eaton Centre, no shopping trip to Toronto is complete without stopping at this poorly laid out mall. Plus it was open until 9, giving us another hour and a half after dinner to do some shopping. The mall also contained my cousin’s ultimate destination – Forever 21.

I personally am not a big Forever 21 shopper. I think I’ve been in a US location maybe once. However I had heard about the retailer in the news earlier this summer when they launched a lawsuit against Rachel Kane, the blogger over at WTForever 21, for making fun of their clothes. Umm. Have they seen some of their own stuff? It’s not like they make it much of a challenge.

I have also heard from several women my own age that Forever 21 had some nice items now and again, and for decent prices to boot. So I was kind of excited to have an excuse to visit the new Eaton Centre location.

Then I entered the store, and I realized that there is not one part of me that wishes to be forever 21. I did some dumb shit at 21. And I wore some bad clothes. Why would I want to revisit those years? Yes, I think the store is smart in its marketing – young girls aspiring to be 21 now have a place where all their dreams will be fulfilled. And older women (read: mothers, from the looks of people in the store) can also relive their youth by wearing their daughter’s clothes. Hey, it’s every person’s right to wear whatever they want on their body, even if I wouldn’t throw on a t-shirt that literally screams “i want to believe to have hope and to love God will guide your soul.”

What’s your take on Forever 21? Are you a devout follower, an avid avoider, or a cautious peruser? 

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3 Responses to Forever 21? Lord I hope not

  1. rob says:

    “avid avoider”. nice one.

  2. Stephanie says:

    When I was younger (read, before I actually turned 21), I thought that store was pretty cool. But then I realized it was just a store with cheap (cheaply made and inexpensive) clothes that you could wear a few times to spice up your wardrobe. I don’t know if I ever bought more than a few tops from them. Not really a fan. I’d rather have more substantial clothes; and by shopping at a lot of other stores, I can get better made clothes that are still inexpensive (coupons!).

    BTW, I’m now hooked on WTForever21, thanks for linking to her!

    • Agreed. Some places, like Club Monaco, have sales regularly. And while sometimes their stuff can still be cheaply made (like their super thin t-shirts that always seem to get tiny holes), they do have other items that are made for the long haul. Like this super cute crew neck sweater I bought last week for $19 minus a 20% student discount!

      WTForever21 is great eh. Glad you are enjoying it!

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