How our car broke down, and TD saved the day

I know I just wrote a post about all reasons TD Canada Trust annoys me. Don’t worry, I’m not reneging on any of that bitchfest.

However. We had an incident with our car last weekend and BF’s TD Gold Elite Visa card came in very handy. I’m not too proud to admit that TD can have some advantages.

Rewind to last Saturday. We went to Ikea to get pillows. (We bought two pillows and two pillow protectors, when I got home I decided I did not like my pillow, so I went out the next day to return the pillow and protectors and buy them from Home Outfitters. I am indecisive, it’s not my best quality.) We came back to the car in about half an hour and lo and behold, the battery is dead.

We have a 2002 Nissan Maxima, which is a giant upgrade from our 1996 Nissan Sentra. BF’s family bought a new car and gave us their old Maxima for free. Free! Sweet deal. We’ve had the car for less than a month. I cannot tell you all the ways I love the Maxima so much more than the Sentra. Well, I could, but I won’t. At least not today.

So. Our brand-new-to-us car is dead in the Ikea parking lot. BF has a TD Gold Elite Visa card, which includes emergency road services. This is the first time we’ve used the service. We call, a guy comes within ten minutes and gives us a boost, and he leaves. BF then turns on the air conditioning and boom – car dies again. I call the service back and ask for a tow, it takes longer because it’s a tow (about 40 minutes), this dude gives us a boost (and it sticks) and then BF drives the Canadian Tire next door. We get a new battery, and our little car is smooth driving. Awesome.

Now, I am normally not one to pay a yearly fee for a credit card. There are so many cards out there that are free AND include rewards, it seems a bit silly to pay $99 or whatever for a “better” card. However, in this case, I am proven wrong. BF used to have the Select Service TD bank account, the premium account TD offers. He always had enough money in the account to waive the monthly fee of $24.95 (which is insanely expensive). This account also waived the fee for a premium TD credit card. Hence the Gold Elite Visa card. Since he last renewed the card, he has opted for a lower end TD account, so he’ll have to pay the $99 fee come the fall.

I did a little research on what is included with the roadside assistance program. Basically we can be towed within 200km, we can use the service as often as we like, and it can be used anywhere in Canada and the continental U.S. BF was able to add me to the service, so if I am driving the Maxima, I can call for assistance. Lastly, this card also earns a 1% cash rebate on purchases.

Comparable protection from CAA is $104/year, and that would only cover him.

In this particular case, I am totally supportive of paying the stupid annual fee. The roadside assistance alone is worth the $99, and the 1% cash back is a nice bonus. BF was definitely right in this case. Even if a small part of me doesn’t like to admit it.

I am not being paid by TD to write this post. I just think this card is great if you also need emergency road services. If you don’t require this service, then I don’t think the card is worth it.

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