Deliver the fresh produce unto me. Maybe.

I’ve been contemplating trying out a local fresh food delivery service. I’m a big fan of the farmer’s market, and there’s a weekly market right by home. It’s on Sundays, though, and I find the time not the most convenient. I’ve only been once all season. Things to do always seem to come up over the weekend, and going to buy fruits and veggies gets bumped to the back burner. I also find the farmer’s market kind of expensive.

I’ve been googling fresh food services and the prices seem fairly standard. The going rate for a basic box can range from $27 to $60, with custom selections sometimes available for an extra fee. I need to sit down and figure out how much we spend on produce regularly, and compare that to the cost of the box. My main concern is that we won’t be able to finish the contents of the box before stuff starts going bad. This already happens now, and every time I have to throw something out, it pisses me off. I know it’s our own laziness and lack of planning that is the cause, but still. It’s wasteful, both environmentally and financially.

I do like the idea of getting produce I wouldn’t normally buy. I could find new recipes! Cook the undiscovered. That’s the thought, anyway. I would want to try a company that doesn’t require a long term commitment, in case we don’t like the service.

Have you purchased fresh food boxes that are delivered right to your door, and if so, do you like the service/product? If you are from the Toronto area, do you have any provider recommendations?

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2 Responses to Deliver the fresh produce unto me. Maybe.

  1. Cassie says:

    I do 🙂

    I actually just got my first box yesterday. I’ll be posting on it tonight!

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