Savings Recap for July 2011

Our piggy bank reached capacity this weekend. I spread out a towel on my bed, put on an episode of Deadwood, and counted and rolled away. There is something soothing about neat little piles of change. We saved a total of $151.50 since January 2011. We also had $185 left over from the last time I emptied pig, for a grand total of $336.50. Rather than leave the cash sitting on our book shelf, we decided to add it to our joint savings. I like to do fun things with pig money, but we don’t have any plans in the near future, so I’d rather add it to that account where it can earn an incredibly lame 1.5%.

This brings our joint savings to $10,824.99. I’m really pleased with this figure. This represents the start of a healthy nest egg for whatever our future plans may be. Like a bigger place. I don’t think that will happen in the next year though, so if we keep on track, we’ll have over 20K saved by next summer.

My own personal savings are less impressive. I’m at $1814.50, which is only $100 more than last month.

Why has this occurred? I have officially fallen off the no-shopping wagon. A colleague of my (step) dad is selling a barely used Canon PowerShot SX1 IS. It’s an older model, but I’m not the type of person who has to have the next brand new whatever. The best thing about the camera? The price tag – $175. At most. My dad might be able to negotiate a price a bit lower than that. I’ve been wanting a better camera (I currently have a typical point and shoot camera) but I couldn’t justify the $500 price tag. At this price though, I just could not say no.

I also did a little clothes shopping and spent $200 on three H&M dresses, sunglasses, a vintage hat from the 40s, a belt, and two pairs of earrings. All good deals, but I put almost everything on my credit card. Which means I won’t be saving $400 next month like I should be. Oops.

I need to tell myself that’s it – no more spending! I almost didn’t want to post my lapse here but then I figured I’d be more accountable. Either that or I’ll have to turn this into a fashion blog. Which probably wouldn’t go all that well. So I should really get my butt back in gear. And avoid the shops.

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2 Responses to Savings Recap for July 2011

  1. The Canon Powershot series is amazing. I think you will LOVE the camera..

    $175 is a fab buy too.. and congrats on the $$ in the piggy!

    • Obsessive Compulsive Daniela says:

      Thanks FB! This reduces my purchase guilt a tiny bit. Once I start using it, I know it’ll be worth the money.

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