Home Improvement(s): Part II

In my last post I mentioned that my decluttering spree has brought on thoughts of other home improvements. What makes this possible is the retroactive pay I will be receiving come September, which by my calculations will be around $12,000 (or about $8,000 net).

There are a few items that I know I want to buy, like new bedside table lamps, a coffee table and a rug for the living room. The lamps we have now are mismatched and grungy, our current coffee table doesn’t really fit the space, and the rug is nonexistent. I’ve managed to find lamps I like (Pottery Barn) and a coffee table (Urban Barn) but no rug.

One of the major issues I have with our condo is space. Because we live in 585 sq ft of space, I am always looking for better ways to organize things. I was on the Martha Stewart site when I saw this picture:



Closet on Wheels under bedThis is a great idea. We already use the space under the bed as storage, but it’s more in a shove it under the bed and hope you can find it when you need it kind of way. I would love to have actual containers on wheels that could easily be pulled in and out.

Problem? We have carpet in the bedroom. And not very good carpet at that. So I thought, what about laminate or engineered hardwood instead? My parents are pretty handy and we could probably do it ourselves. If we were to do the bedroom, I would want to do the living room to match. Right now there is cheap laminate in there, and it has a couple of good dings in it to boot.

I visited a couple of flooring stores and it’ll cost anywhere from $2-$6 sq ft to purchase the materials for the floor. I estimated that we would need to cover about 400 square feet. This would run us $800 to $2400 in materials, with a realistic price being more in the $2000 range.

I’m not sure if we’ll end up taking on this project, but right now it’s really appealing. Once I have confirmation on the amount of retro pay I will be receiving, then I can finalize my plans. I’ve noticed that I’ve “spent” this imaginary money in my head a bunch of different ways; originally, I had said I would save/contribute to my mortgage to the tune of $4500. Now that has (potentially) morphed into a $2,500 laptop, $2,000 floors, $1,200 in stuff for the home, and a $1,500 trip to NYC. That leaves $800 for saving. Not very impressive.

Oh, and I’ve been thinking about getting a new decent camera and replacing the cabinet doors in the bathroom and maybe the counter. And I am getting new hooks instead of the towel bar for the bathroom, and I want to repaint in there, and I want to maybe repaint the bedroom and possibly the living area. That is a lot of damn “wants” and “ands”. I think some prioritization is in order.

This is my problem – I have one thought, and it leads to another, which leads to another, to another… you get the idea. Hence my obsessive nature.

How do you prioritize your spending on big ticket items? If you have a large windfall, do you treat that money differently than if you have earned it yourself? 



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2 Responses to Home Improvement(s): Part II

  1. Cassie says:

    Oooooh yes. I’m bad for pre-spending upcoming windfalls. I do tend to treat windfall money differently, it’s a habit I need to work on changing.

    Just a note on the hardwood floors, don’t forget to account for the cost of underlay, staples, nails/glue if you don’t float it, tool purchases/rentals if you don’t own/can’t borrow them, and about 10% extra to account for warped/broken boards and miscalculations.

    Like the new blog look btw.

    • Obsessive Compulsive Daniela says:

      Thanks for the tip! I’ll look into all of that.

      And re: the blog look – much appreciated!

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