Home Improvement(s)

I went on a massive decluttering/cleaning spree this weekend. I conducted a massive reorganization in the kitchen, which included clearing the counter of papers, relocating some containers/kettle/butter dish into the cupboard. I also moved some food items (dry beans, nuts, etc) from their plastic bags into stackable containers. I was able to free up a pretty blue bowl that used to collect random crap and instead use it to hold fruit and veggies while it sits on the table.

I also purchased a new bath mat from West Elm that I’ve been eyeing since April. I decided that I while I may not need a $29 bathmat, I really like it, and I was disappointed the few times I went into the store and couldn’t find it. Here’s a pic (taken from the West Elm website) – it’s the yellow one:

Yellow West Elm Bathmat

I was going to use it by the tub but it’s too nice for that location, so instead it sits in front of the sink. Looks pretty good, if I do say so myself. Oh, and BF likes it too.

I found new curtain ties at The Paper Place on Queen St West. They had hand dyed silk ribbon for $3.75/yard. I bought four yards in two different colours because I couldn’t decide on what colour would work best in the space. I settled on a pinky/burgundy colour that matches the couch pillows so now I just have to return the other ribbon.

I washed the pillowcases from the couch along with the bedding, vacuumed, and cleaned the tub. I organized some papers in the bedroom and filed my receipts.

Now that the place is clean and relatively clutter free, I want it to stay that way. It also has spurned on other thoughts of improvements. More on that later.


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