Screw you, Zara tag!

One of the items I purchased during my  birthday spending blitz was a green blouse from Zara for $50. This is on the more expensive end of shirts I am willing to buy, but it was really cute and I could dress it up or down so I bought it.

If you’ve purchased something from Zara before, you know how ginormous their tags can be. If you haven’t, I will describe it for you:

  • Because Zara sells their stuff in a bunch of countries, the tags have to be universal; there are around 4 individual tags sown together, with cleaning instructions in a variety of languages
  • The tags are really long – at least 3 inches in length

Normally I leave tags when I can, because I need to know how to wash the damn thing, and it’s not likely that I’ll be able to remember on my own. In the case of Zara items, there is no leaving that tag on, especially shirts, since the tag will be a constant irritant on your skin.

I cut that tag out of the shirt really carefully. I tried to get as close to the shirt without actually cutting the shirt. I’ve worn it a couple of time since then, and I thought everything looked good, until I got to work this morning.

The Green Shirt with a HoleThe hole is kind of hard to see, so I stuck a peanut eraser in it. Here’s a close up:

A close up of the peanut in the hole

Ugh! So annoying! I called the store to ask if I could replace this shirt for a new one. The girl told me that they cannot accept items missing the inner tags. I explained to her that it was removing the tags that caused the problem in the first place. This didn’t seem to phase her. I was SOL (shit out of luck).

Here’s hoping the mom can fix it (and for the fix to be invisible). At least it’s along the seam, making the sowing process a bit easier. For fifty bucks, I want the damn thing to look good!

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One Response to Screw you, Zara tag!

  1. Louise says:

    Why do companies cheap out on tags? This is how they can improve on this annoyance;
    *softer material
    *no large tags – if a company has that much info, then attach by tying to button hole
    *no multi-tagging – again, attach separately – how much info do we need.
    *do not sew into seam – this leaves no option to cut out, you’ll have to split the seam and re-sew. What a pain!
    The labels on men’s shirts are mostly small, soft and strategically placed as to not interfere with comfort or appearance.

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