The case of the missing debit card

My (slightly) neurotic nature came out last week when I lost my debit card. I was at the cashier at Metro on Tuesday when I realized it was not in my wallet, nor was it in my purse, or my larger cloth bag. I paid with Mastercard and went home to conduct a half-assed search. I had just cleaned our place so I knew it couldn’t be in a really obvious spot.

I had been out shopping on the Monday prior, and I thought, damn, I must have left it at Banana Republic/French Connection/Urban Outfitters. The French Connection possibility was wishful thinking – I had contemplated buying a scarf on sale but they have this lame policy that items on sale cannot be returned for a full refund, and since I lack the ability to make firm fashion choices independent from external input, I decided to forgo the scarf. But maybe I left my debit card on the counter randomly See, wishful thinking.

By the time I realized I had to call the stores, they were closed. As soon as I could Wednesday morning, I called all three stores. None of them had my card. Damn! I thought about waiting to cancel the card until I got home and I could search one last time, but the possibility of someone having my card outweighed that option. I called PC, they cancelled the card, and told me I could either have one mailed or I could go in person to a PC kiosk and get one immediately. I opted to go in person.

That night I headed over to the Loblaws on Lower Jarvis. I had to sit with the PC rep for ten minutes to have my new card issued, but other than that it was a relatively painless process.

The part that annoyed me the most (other than my own carelessness) was that now I had to memorize a new number. Sometimes I check my account from work and I don’t like saving the number, and I’m too lazy to pull the card out of wallet. I’m pretty good with remembering numbers (I even know my sister’s SIN), but now I would need to learn a new one. This REALLY bugged me – hence the neurosis.

I arrived home, new card in hand. I put away the few items I picked up while at Loblaws. Then, the most annoying thing happens: I see this piece of paper, folded up, on the counter. It’s my temporary license – my new license arrived on Monday and I had taken the paper out of my wallet. I pick up the paper to throw it out, and what’s inside the folds but my LOST DEBIT CARD. FML.

At least I didn’t actually lose my card. And the pattern of numbers in the new card is actually easier to recall than the last one. But really? The card was on my freaking counter the whole time?

Have you ever lost a card only to find it after you’ve already replaced it? Did it drive you nuts or are you more sane than I?

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One Response to The case of the missing debit card

  1. More than once…damn annoying !

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