Birthday shopping

Apologies for the lack of posts, it was my birthday this past weekend and I had lots of activities and events to attend to. It was a pretty great couple of days. And, to be honest, I just haven’t really felt like blogging. Work sucked last week too, it was just one of those weeks where every little thing bugged me. I didn’t really feel like coming here and spewing complaints, which is what I felt like I would do, so I just didn’t write at all. I did watch a ton of Breaking Bad, though – like 20 episodes in a week. So good!

I went shopping with birthday money this weekend, and I finally got some new clothes. I ended up returning the shirt I bought at Banana Republic last week, it didn’t fit quite right. Here’s what I bought:

  • $50.08 T-shirt, pajamas and a belt from Joe Fresh
  • $190.86 Dressy t-shirt and super cute cropped orange dress jacket from Zara
  • $89.27 Cropped black pants from Banana Republic
  • $51.95 Button down shirt, striped dress and earrings from Urban Outfitters
  • $24.11 White tank top and sleep bra from the Gap
  • $16.95 Gladiator sandals from H&M
  • $56.50 Shoe repair for a pair of sandals from Greece
  • $33.90 Shorts from Banana Republic (from last week)
    TOTAL = $514.34

I had budgeted for $350 to $400, so I overspent by a significant amount. This is one of the challenges I face when shopping – once I start, I find it really hard to stop. Even as I sit here now and look at that total, I can think of other things I’d like to get, like a pair of heels or a couple new shirts.

Do you find it hard to stop shopping once you start? How do you stop yourself from spending more than you budgeted for?

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2 Responses to Birthday shopping

  1. Stephanie says:

    I sometimes have trouble stopping! Especially since I don’t go shopping very often, so then I feel like I need to get all my shopping taken care of. I think it helps if I remind myself that I’m shopping for specific things.

    Just a question, what exactly is a sleep bra?

    • Sleep bra: a name my sister has given to bras that you wear when you are in pjs and around people other than family. This bra allows you to walk freely in pjs without the fear of looking like that girl who is not wearing a bra, but still maintain comfort levels. It has no underwire and is stretchy, but isn’t as hardcore as a workout bra. Here’s the one that I bought (it was actually just under $10).

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