A fixed closet: budget breakdown

The closet is finally fixed! For those of you who haven’t read the previous posts on this chaos, the hanging section of the closet broke two weeks ago and we tried to fix it (twice) last weekend. It took my parents and I most of this past Sunday to fix it. And when I say most of Sunday, I mean we started around 2 in the afternoon and my parents finally left around 9 or so. Suffice it to say, it was a long LONG day.

We ran into quite a few problems, which meant we had to go to Home Depot three times in a span of about four hours. The store is 20 minutes away, so there was lots of driving back and forth. On the bright side, the Home Depot by Sherway Gardens is open until 9PM on Sunday nights, I guess for people exactly like us.

Here’s a breakdown of the costs:

$49.90 Shelves
$114.94 Brackets & shelf support
Drill Bit
$10.95 Tie Rack
$4.20 Miscellaneous
$41.30 Dinner for myself and parents
TOTAL = $259.92

This project went way over budget. I had originally thought that it would cost around $150. I didn’t anticipate needing shelves, since I already had them. However we figured out (the hard way) that the system in the closet is actually ClosetMaid, not Rubbermaid. Therefore the Rubbermaid brackets we had purchased did not work with the existing shelves – the measurements were off by literally a few millimeters. If I had realized this sooner, I could have looked for ClosetMaid brackets before we had started. However my parents were here, we needed to get it done, so there goes fifty bucks for new shelves.

I also didn’t plan on buying them dinner, because I thought this would be a two or three hour job, max. By the time 8PM rolled around, I realized I needed to feed these people, and fast. Plus they were helping me out, so really, I owed it to them. We had Fresh, and it was great.

Lastly, drilling into concrete can be a bitch. The wall that the system was being installed on is a separating wall between my unit and the unit next door, so it has concrete behind the drywall. We went through three or four drill bits before we could finally get the damn holes deep enough for the concrete screws.

Here are some pics of the finished product:

This is the side that had to be fixed.


Belt Hanger
New belt hanger!

The most frustrating part about this process is that in the end, the closet doesn’t look any different, except for the addition of the belt hook. But, I know it was necessary, and the system is super secure now. I don’t know if we’ll still paint in there, though – the idea of taking everything out and unscrewing all the brackets makes me feel a little nauseous.

Have you had a repair/upgrade project not go as planned? How did you handle the situation?

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2 Responses to A fixed closet: budget breakdown

  1. I wish my closet looked as organised as yours !

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