The angry motorist

I was cycling home from work today when I had an ugly encounter. There are a couple left hand turns at smaller intersections where I normally feel safe enough to merge into the left lane to make the left. Both intersections do not have time restrictions, meaning you are free to make the left at any time. So, I checked for traffic, and seeing none, signaled left to get over. I signaled again for the turn but had to stop at the light because there was oncoming traffic. I waited a few moments for the traffic to clear.

As I waited, a few cars went by me on my right. Suddenly, this guy leans out of his expensive looking car to yell: “Get the fuck off the road!”

Umm. Really? Really. All I could think was, wow, some people are actually this ignorant and obnoxious. I won’t get into my specific response to the guy, but you can assume that I yelled some explicit stuff in return. I checked the people at the intersection to see if any of them were as shocked as I was but everyone seemed to be in their own little bubble. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, I’m often oblivious to things too. Then it was safe for me to go, so I completed the turn and kept riding.

I wish I could talk to this guy now and ask him if the extra thirty seconds he had to wait at the light for me to make my turn were so important to him that he had to scream at me in public. Does he have other stressors in his life that he can’t vent about so he chose me to unload on? Is his excessive hair gel penetrating his brain? Is he just a douchebag?

Dude, you need to chill. Seriously. Life is too short to be screaming at people on bikes. If that’s your priority, I feel sad for you. Maybe if you ditched your car for a bike, you would feel less stressed. This (normally) works for me.

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3 Responses to The angry motorist

  1. rob says:

    i usually just wave in those situations. it infuriates people.

  2. I cycled to work for the 2nd time and it was so relaxing. People need to get out of their expensive cars, take a chill pill, and grab a bike 🙂

    • Obsessive Compulsive Daniela says:

      Totally agree. Driving brings out the spaz in everyone. Hopefully you can keep up the riding!

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