The closet crisis, part II

Our broken closet is kicking my butt, both financially and psychologically. My parents came on Saturday to help fix it, which turned into my dad taking over and fixing it himself. My dad spent the entire time telling me that the Rubbermaid system we had in place was shit and that upgrading the closet should be a top priority for whenever we sell our place. The shelfing system was installed by the previous owner, and while I personally love the Ikea closets, that wouldn’t really work in my place as it would eat up way too much space. So some other alternative would need to be found if we ever went that route.

While my dad fixed the closet, my mom helped me clean the dishwasher. I noticed a bunch of food stuck in the little filter thing in the bottom, below the arm that spins, and I wasn’t sure how to get it out. We pulled the bottom rack out, then lifted the arm off, and my mom pulled the filter out entirely (I didn’t even know you could do this).  One word to describe what lay beneath the filter – DISGUSTING. I dry heaved and quickly averted my eyes. My mom explained that good dishwashers have a food grinder in the bottom so that any particles are ground up and washed away. Clearly our dishwasher has no such thing. I dry heaved some more and asked my mom if she could take care of the grossness, which she did – thanks Mom! Since we’ve never cleaned under there before, that was two years of nastiness accumulation. And god knows if the previous owner ever cleaned under there. I feel ill just thinking about it.

After this lovely morning of chores, we walked around Toronto. It was totally gorgeous. I bought them Starbucks to thank them for all their hard work.

I arrived home to an unwelcome surprise – the closet broke. Again. Whatever my dad did to fix it was not enough. I went to Home Depot myself on Sunday and bought one piece that we didn’t get the first time in the hopes that this would be enough. I fixed it myself, although I had a mini spaz attack while doing so. The damn shelf kept falling on my head. I finally got it up and it seemed okay, so back onto the rack everything went. And, it fell again. I threw in the towel and called my dad and said that we could upgrade the system.

My dad went to Home Depot to check out alternatives, and thankfully he found a solution that should cost under $150. He was surprised to find a bunch of Rubbermaid items that would make this current system work. We realized that the problem isn’t with the system, it’s with whoever installed the system – they didn’t measure anything, nothing lines up, and the one side that has the hanging rods is not reinforced correctly which is why it keeps falling. Once we put in the proper support, everything should be a-okay.

This means one more week of displaced clothing, hence the psychological turmoil. I hate when stuff isn’t where it should be. At least I can close the closet door and not look at the chaos.

Financially, $150 (plus $15 I already spent) isn’t horrible.  It could have been much worse if we had to replace the entire system – that would have been hundreds, if not more. We rely on that closet so much that skimping would not have been an option. I’m also hoping that we can eventually paint the walls in the closet a fun colour.

Fingers crossed that our closet will be fixed by Sunday night. Here’s hoping the damn thing doesn’t break again.

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One Response to The closet crisis, part II

  1. Cassie says:

    *gag* I pulled up the filter on my dishwasher last year. The dishwasher my house came with didn’t work properly, so a buddy of mine and I decided to take it apart and figure out why. Disgusting. We couldn’t figure out the problem, so we put it back together and gave it a try. It worked. I think the gunk in the bottom was cementing something in place that it shouldn’t have.

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