Why I buy flowers

My younger self never understood why people give each other flowers. They eventually die, and then they are garbage. What was the point? I would tell (past) boyfriends to not bother with the flowers, if they wanted to get me something, get me a book. Then I have something to read, and it lasts forever. That suggestion never seemed to catch on. I guess buying flowers is a lot easier than picking out a book for someone.

Now that I have my own home, I love having fresh flowers. They brighten up the room and they create a focal point on the dining table. Sure, they aren’t exactly economical – they still die (and they can be messy at times). But, they make me happy, so I don’t mind treating myself. I normally buy bunches under ten bucks, and I pick the flowers that I know will last anywhere from 1-3 weeks. I don’t always have fresh flowers on the table, but I try to have them more often than not. And I always budget for them as part of my weekly spending money.

Green flowers for the table

The table would be so boring without the flowers!

Now I encourage BF to buy me flowers. (John, if you’re reading this, some hydrangeas would be awesome!)

How do you treat yourself? Do you buy things (like flowers or Starbucks) or do you prefer services (like getting your nails done or going to the movies)? Or do you avoid these little indulgences all together?

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One Response to Why I buy flowers

  1. A soy chai latte..omg that goes a long way to making me half human !

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