The collapse of a closet

I was going to do a post on what it’s like to share just under 600 square feet of living space with a boy, along with a little breakdown of our shared finances. I planned on including a picture of our awesome walk-in closet, which holds all of our clothes, extra bedding and towels, some books and DVDs, my “going out” shoes, files, binders, and probably some other crap that I can’t see. Instead – this happened:

My broken closet

Sigh. And yes, that’s my purple Laurier sweater. Go Hawks! Or something like that.

I was sitting at my laptop when I heard the crash. The door was shut, so I couldn’t see what happened, but I had an inkling as to what hid behind the door. The entire top rack ripped out of the wall, taking a bunch of stuff down with it. This has actually happened once before with the rack on the back wall (holding the dresses), and my parents helped me fix it. Seeing as I don’t want to wait until the weekend for them to come to our rescue (and we should probably figure this stuff out for ourselves, since we are grown ups), we’ll be tackling this tomorrow. Maybe I can even use this as an opportunity to convince John to throw out some of his hardly worn items. How many sweatshirts does a boy need, really?

So – this is the extent of tonight’s post. I’m totally zonked. I stayed at a friend’s AMAZING new place in Woodstock last night and today I went to one of the wedding showers I mentioned in my post about gifts and wedding etiquette. I was pleasantly surprised with how good a time I had at the shower. I arrived home around 7PM, made dinner, cleaned, and did laundry, and now, with the collapse of the closet, I am calling it a night. I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about finances, though. And hopefully with an update on our closet.

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