Weekend spending recap: May 6-8, 2011

I’m not always going to post spending recaps, however I thought I’d summarize my weekend expenses after my excessive spending from last week.

Friday May 6
$6.77 – Movie rental (Country Strong – just okay)

Saturday May 7
$15.75 – Alone in the Classroom (novel, bought second hand)
$11 – Moroccan mint tea from Tealish
$55 – Birthday dinner for a close friend at Scarpetta
$0.25 – sour key candy (for my 2AM walk home)

Sunday May 8
$10 – Lunch w/sister at Inigo (awesome value for your money!)
$4.81 – Frozen yogurt
$81.48 – Food from Metro (will be split w/bf)

Total spent: $185.06

Overall I’m pretty happy with my spending this weekend. The birthday outing was budgeted for, and my two girlfriends and I decided this year that we aren’t doing gifts anymore, so the dinner was basically my friend’s gift (even though we each paid for our own meal). My friend also treated us with two bottles of wine at dinner, which was a really nice gesture (she said her dad would cover it, since it was her birthday). Not going to argue with that one!

I was also pleased to find Alone in the Classroom at the second hand bookshop. It just came out in hardcover and I’m not a huge hardcover fan, since they often take up that much more space and are usually twice the price of the paperback version. However it was only $15 plus tax at the shop which is half the cover price at Chapters, so I bought it.

The food purchase should last us most of the week. Certain items are just so damn expensive at Metro so I’m going to drive over to the Loblaws to pick up a few things that are cheaper there (like Greek yogurt).  I figure if I stock up, it’s worth it.

Lastly, I’d like to thank all the encouraging comments from my last few posts – all you fellow PF bloggers are awesome! It feels pretty cool to be part of such an amazing community. 🙂

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