Overtime and my messy office

A big part of my job is managing the admissions process for a super competitive university program. We get over 1,000 applications for 80ish spots. Sometimes I call myself a dream crusher.

One of the perks of this process is overtime: I get to work it, and I can choose to take time off in lieu or I can be paid out. Either way, it’s at time and a half. This is a pretty sweet deal, if you ask me. If I take it in money, this works out to $45 an hour for every hour I work. I always take the money, since it’s not enough to push me into a higher tax bracket.

The downside: I have to work tomorrow. As in Saturday. All day. From 7 to 7. Of course the weather people tell me that tomorrow is supposed to be the nicest day of the whole freaking week, and I’ll be stuck inside for it. I also have to work from 8AM to 10PM one day this week. This is even worse than tomorrow, because part of the day is my regular work day so I don’t make extra money for that part, and it’s just so damn LONG to be at work.

The other downside: my office is a disaster zone. I’ve taken a pic so you can see.

A very messy office, with papers everywhere

I can’t stand messy spaces. I prefer order and organization, it calms me. Must be a control thing.

So, until my events run this week, my office will remain a disaster zone. I did clean my desk up a bit, so it’s not as cluttered. And I washed my yogurt bowl. All the trolleys are still there though, and they are filled with stuff. When I sit at my desk, I feel like I’ve built a fort and I’m barricaded in my office. The fort part almost sounds like fun, except who wants to feel like they are stuck in their office?

Does your work space ever get this cluttered/messy/unorganized?

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