Piggy bank savings

I have a piggy bank. I bought it from Chapters a few years ago, and we’ve been friends ever since. I put spare change in him a few times a week, including the big guys – loonies and toonies. My BF, John, puts money in him too. Although I must admit, sometimes John leaves money out on the counter, or in the dish by the door, and I’m not above taking a loonie here or there for pig. I figure we share the money in pig equally, so it’s only fair that he contribute too. He doesn’t see it like that, though – he gets pretty pissed when I take the change without asking. Which means I just have to be more sneaky about it.

In about a year and a half or so, we saved $414.50, which I took to the bank and converted to bills. We used a bit as spending money when we went to Jamaica in January and we spent $70 at Canoe (super nice but super expensive restaurant in Toronto). We have $185 left in bills, which we’re saving for something out of the ordinary, like a trip (or part of one, anyway).

White piggy bank sitting on a bookshelf

Pig, hanging out on the bookshelf

Pig is almost full again and I am looking forward to counting the money. I LOVE rolling coins – it’s freaking addictive. I know some people take it to those machines they have in the grocery stores, where it all gets rolled for you really fast, but those things cost you big time. According to Coinstar’s site, they take 11.9 cents for every dollar you put in. That’s almost 12%! For every $100 I put in, you’re taking $11.90 from me? No thanks, I’ll roll my own coins, thank you very much.

I don’t have a method to my coin saving. I put money in when I feel like it. Sometimes I keep coins in my wallet because I like having some small change. I have a coworker who has her own approach to coin saving – she and her husband are not allowed to spend any coins they get back. Period. They were able to save over $800 in six months, which they used on a trip to Barbados. Not bad for small change!

Do you have a coin jar/piggy bank etc? What’s the most you’ve ever saved using this method?

(Edit: Originally I said we saved $265, but I was wrong – I looked at the bank slip and it was actually $414.50. You’d think I wouldn’t forget that kind of cash!)

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4 Responses to Piggy bank savings

  1. Morgaine says:

    Both I and my fiance have “piggy” banks. We both save all change under loonies and toonies (even then it adds up pretty fast). However, we spend the money on different things. I spend it on smaller purchases (like lunch or dollar store items) and he saves up until he can purchase something substantial like the golf club he bought with his last savings run.

  2. Love your book collection.

    I also love that you have a true blue piggy bank that you stick coins in. I just have a jar but I do something similar 🙂

    This made me snort with laughter: He doesn’t see it like that, though – he gets pretty pissed when I take the change without asking. Which means I just have to be more sneaky about it.


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