Taking the plunge with web hosting

Last night I set up a “Hatchling” web hosting account over at HostGator. I had been thinking about moving over to wordpress.org and after receiving some feedback from a fellow blogger and friends, I decided I should do it sooner than later. It was really easy to make the purchase (isn’t it always!) but then I realized that transferring everything over wasn’t as simple as it seemed. I thought I could read through the instructions HostGator provides and do it myself but even though I’m fairly tech savvy, this was way over my head. So I’m getting them to do it for me, it’s free and I’m sure they’ll do it way faster than I could.

Then I have to figure out all the other little details, like domain mapping and plugins.

The transfer should be done within 24 hours. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and it’ll be a relatively painless process!

Do you have any tips/hints etc on transferring your wordpress.com blog?

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