Rogers bill update

Last week I scored a bunch of discounts of our Rogers bill. We have our cable, internet, home phone, and my cell phone with them, so our monthly bills are significant – about $215/month. This includes a bundling discount of 15% off all the services except the home phone (according to them, the home phone plan is just too darn fantastic to offer any additional discounts).

This new deal gives us 30% off our cable, 20% off internet, and the modem and home phone system access fees are waived. I wasn’t sure what this would equate to in dollars, since we already had discounts on the account, but I was hoping it would be around $50 per month.

I received our May bill and my estimate was way off. The new discounts replaced the old discounts (of course, duh) so the change wasn’t as good as I had hoped. It worked out to be about $27 less per month, including taxes. Better than a kick in the head, but it’s no $50/month. Oh well.

I should note that the Rogers rep told me the internet would be 30% off, not 20%. I would normally call to complain – I once called to have an erroneous 30 cent long distance fee removed – but I have the feeling the guy misspoke. I don’t know if I have it in me to call them again, possibly be transferred a bunch of times, and explain the situation repeatedly, just for nothing to happen. We’re talking about $3.5/month, which equates to about $47/year including tax.

Now that I’m looking at that number, it seems big, so maybe I will call. I’ll see how ambitious I’m feeling later this weekend.

Do you take advantage of deals offered by Rogers/Bell/Other, or do you avoid their promotions because of the annoyances that always seem to occur?

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2 Responses to Rogers bill update

  1. rob says:

    i got $30 off this month, and my total bill is only 2/3 yours. and i agreed to no contract!

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