Discounted dinner at Delux

Telus is sponsoring a pretty good deal at a bunch of Toronto restaurants during the month of April: a free appetizer and dessert for every entrée purchased. I went to a participating restaurant, Delux, with my sister and dad tonight. My sister and I are big on sharing and we decided to split the pear and arugula salad and these little fried fishies (they were basically like calamari). We both ended up getting the black cod and mussels, which was delicious. I first tried black cod at my aunt’s house this past Christmas and it is just so damn good. A few weeks ago I was at St Lawrence Market in Toronto and I really wanted to buy some, and when I saw the price my jaw almost hit the floor. $29.99/pound. To feed three people I would have needed to buy at least two pounds, which is clearly insanity. So it was really nice to be able to get it tonight for a more reasonable price.

To finish us off, we ordered three desserts – freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, fresh donuts with cream, and crème brûlée.  My dad gave up sweets for Lent (good on him, but no way I would ever do that) so it was just sister and I versus the desserts. Here’s a pic of the donuts – loved the little bag they came in!

Donuts covered in sugar and spices

Yumm, fried dough covered in sugar and dipping cream!

You can also see the cookies and the crème brûlée off in the distance. We did decent damage on the desserts however there was still a ton leftover. I used the bag to take leftovers home for BF. He was impressed that I didn’t eat everything myself.

The meal came to $88 including tax. We calculated the tip based on what the meal should have cost, so the grand total was $108. Considering how much we each ate, and the quality of the food, that’s really good value for your money.

And, as a nice bonus, pops paid for the meal. Score!

For participating restaurants, check out the promotion website. Definitely worth checking out if you live in the Toronto area!

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