Deals and a LOST video

A friend sent me a text today to let me know that Rogers had just offered him a boatload of money off his regular bill for the next year. Well, maybe not a boatload – more like 20% off his cable and internet. Apparently this promotion was open to everyone, so he suggested I give them a call. Our internet and home phone costs aren’t too high – about $40/mth each – but our cable bill is expensive. We like our tv, and our love costs us close to $100/mth. I know, we could download shows, connect the laptop to the tv, and it’d be just as good. But we don’t do that. Maybe one day. Anyway, I called and said I wasn’t happy with how much we were paying, and they offered 30% off our internet and cable, free modem rental, and they waived the system access fee on our home phone. All we had to do was lock in with them for one year and the discounts will last for that period. We’re not going to change our provider any time soon, so we went with it. I won’t know exactly how much we save until I get May’s bill, but it has to be at least $30-40/mth. Which is awesome. Now I can save that much more each month.

It kind of sucks that you have to call to get the discount – all those loyal customers who never bother Rogers with anything are really getting gypped. The complainers get rewarded, and the others just keep paying their bill each month, not realizing that they could be saving a ton of money if they just asked.

On an unrelated note, a friend sent me this video. If you are a LOST fan, you should definitely watch.

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