My new obsession

As anyone who knows me well can contest, I like trying new things. Over the past few years, I’ve explored a bunch of hobbies, including (but not limited to): running, lifting weights, knitting, creative writing, cycling, financial planning, playing Wii, baking, and shopping. Regardless of the interest, I tend to throw myself into my latest obsession with a somewhat overzealous attitude. Sometimes it lasts longish term, like my running, which I kept up religiously for about a year and a half. Other things, such as my knitting foray, didn’t make it through the fall season.

This blog is my next big project. And to make it work in the longterm (at least, that’s my intent for now), I’m going to blog about my obsessions. I figure this is the best chance I have at making it last.

So, welcome to my blog. As I reread this post, I realize it sounds way more like an “About” section than a first post. But it’s 11PM, and I’m tired, and I really want to post this shizzle. More to come. Soonish. Once I figure out all these damn functions in wordpress.

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One Response to My new obsession

  1. Dee says:

    I love this premise!

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