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Overtime and my messy office

A big part of my job is managing the admissions process for a super competitive university program. We get over 1,000 applications for 80ish spots. Sometimes I call myself a dream crusher. One of the perks of this process is … Continue reading

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The $12K that I can’t stop thinking about

I work in a unionized environment. I know, I know, there’s been a lot of bad talk flying around on unions lately. But I’m not here to talk about that – I’m here to talk about a potential $12,000 windfall … Continue reading

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Piggy bank savings

I have a piggy bank. I bought it from Chapters a few years ago, and we’ve been friends ever since. I put spare change in him a few times a week, including the big guys – loonies and toonies. My … Continue reading

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My debt story

In May 2007 I graduated with a BBA and $25,000 in government student loans (aka OSAP). While my parents helped me out to the tune of $4,000/year while in school, I paid for the majority of my education, including living … Continue reading

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I’ve moved!

To read new posts, check out the new location of my blog.

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Taking the plunge with web hosting

Last night I set up a “Hatchling” web hosting account over at HostGator. I had been thinking about moving over to and after receiving some feedback from a fellow blogger and friends, I decided I should do it sooner than later. … Continue reading

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Rogers bill update

Last week I scored a bunch of discounts of our Rogers bill. We have our cable, internet, home phone, and my cell phone with them, so our monthly bills are significant – about $215/month. This includes a bundling discount of 15% off … Continue reading

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